Top 8 Cannabis Gifts to Offer the Food and Beverage Cannaseur

Edibles 24 Jan 2022

Gifting is not just about the costs of the items, but rather about their suitability for the use of the recipient. So, if you have food and beverage connaisseurs around you, you have to carefully choose cannabis gifts that they will appreciate. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much about the ideal cannabis for your 420-loving mixologist, chef, etc. as we will show the top 8 cannabis gifts.

  1. Relaxing juice for a restful night: West Coast Cure’s Garlic Juice

West Coast Cure’s Garlic Juice is an Indica-dominant hybrid that combines papaya and GMO. Every taste of this strain will give you sweet fruity notes and light pine finishes. Garlic Juice is best recommended for anyone that wants to relax after a busy day or during the holidays.

  1. Impeccable gummies for fitness enthusiasts: Recover Gummy

For people that work out regularly, Kushy Punch’s Recover Gummy is one of the best products to choose from. So, this palatable black and blueberry gummy aids recovery as it deals with post-workout pain and inflammation. It boasts of having 30mg of CBD and 60mg of THC. Also, Recover Gummy doesn’t have dairy, GMO, fat, gluten, or peanuts.

  1. A perfect gift for chocolate lovers: Crème-Filled Chocolate Cookie

Each piece of Emerald Sky’s Crème-filled Chocolate Cookie contains 10mg of the popular Northern California cannabis. The chocolate cookie is packaged in a way that ensures that it can be eaten on the go. Other ingredients in the product include sugar, salt, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla flavor, wheat flour, cocoa, soy, palm oil, and sodium bicarbonate.

  1. Soft drinks for sunny days: Iced tea lemonade

Do you have cannabis-loving friends that love lemonade? If yes, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to gift them Uncle Arnies’ Iced Tea Lemonade. Every bottle of this cannabis-infused lemonade has 100mg of THC and is everything you need to relax on a hot summer afternoon.

  1. A ready-to-use product: Chem Reserve Pre-Roll

Generally, pre-rolls are ready-to-use cannabis products that you can get in many dispensaries. One of the best pre-rolls you should go for is Baker’s Chem Reserve. This award-winning strain features flora and lemon aroma as well as frosty traits. So, when taking this pre-roll, you will feel the taste of flowers, citrus, lemon, and tangy. Due to its strong effect, it is meant for only experienced consumers.

  1. Idea birthday cookies for every stoner: Big Pete’s Treats

Is your stoner friend having a birthday? They will likely appreciate Big Pete’s Treats as a birthday gift. The fine-tasting treats add some sparks to the special day. Apart from THC, the ingredients of the treats include flour, baking soda, egg yolks, vanilla extract, rainbow sprinkles, almond extracts, and cream tartar.

  1. Drinks for restorative sleep: Sleep Beverage Shot

If someone is struggling to sleep, consider gifting them Dreamt’s Sleep Beverage Shot. This drink tastes great and offers exceptional restorative sleep. With Sleep Beverage Shot, you are bound to enjoy around 8 hours of deep sleep. Notably, each serving of the drink has 2mg of CBD and mg of THC.

  1. A great extra for a gift basket: Identity CBD Bone Broth

After packing a gift basket for a food and beverage connoisseur, add a CBD bone broth to it. It is a top-notch bone broth that has a good amount of CBD. It contains collagen peptides, poultry products, and other nourishing ingredients.

So, start offering thoughtful gifts to your stoner friends and family members.

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