Taking a Dab For the First Time

General 2 Aug 2021

If you are reading this post, you have probably made up your mind to try a dab for the first time. Although dabbing could be an interesting experience for a first-timer, it comes with certain risks. Therefore, as a first-timer at dabbing, there are certain things you must know and do.

Here are some pieces of information for anyone trying a dab for the first time.

Learn about dabbing

Foremost, you should note that dabbing is quite different from smoking a joint. Dabbing refers to the mode of ingesting cannabis through the use of concentrated butane hash oil.

When dabbing, you will ingest highly concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). A dab usually contains about 50 to 80% THC whereas regular cannabis has only around 12 to 13% THC. Therefore, if you are taking the same quantity of dab weed and regular weed, dabbing will get you higher. Notably, dab is also called 710, earwax, black glass, honeycomb, shatter, honey oil, and wax.

Before, you go ahead to dab, educate yourself about its possible side effects and how to minimize the risks involved. If you know people that dab regularly, you should think about watching them dab before trying it for the first time.

Get the required tools for dabbing

Since dabbing is a relatively new and adventurous way to use marijuana, it requires new tools. So, before dabbing, you have to get some things such as the concentrate, a dab rig, dabber, a carb cap or dome, butane, and a torch.

Use only high-quality concentrates

The quality of the concentrates will determine your experience as well as the risks you will be exposed to. Therefore, you must buy high-quality concentrates from a licensed dispensary. Make sure you check the lab results of the product to ascertain its quality.

Dab with an experienced dab buddy

An experienced dab buddy is someone who has successfully dabbed before.  The main benefit of dabbing with a dab buddy is to make sure that someone can attend to you if you experience any of the side effects of dabbing such as paranoia, fainting, hallucinations, and a rapid heartbeat. The dab buddy can also help you to call an emergency team if your experiment goes wrong.

Begin with small dabs

As a first-timer, you are new to dabbing; hence, your body may react strangely to the experiment. Therefore, you should be careful when dabbing for the first time. It is recommended that you kick off the fun with a dab that is about ½ to ¾ of the size of a rice grain. However, if this doesn’t give you the desired high, you may increase the quantity the next time you want to dab.

Also, you shouldn’t rush your dabs, take the substance slowly and rest between the sessions of dabbing. This allows the dabs to work without putting your health at any risk.

Be hydrated

Being hydrated can assist you to have good control over your dabbing. Therefore, if you are dabbing for the first time, you should have lots of cold drinkable water around you. Take a cold glass of water whenever you feel like drinking. This doesn’t only improve your experience, but it also reduces the risk involved in dabbing.

With the information above, you can now start your dabbing journey.

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