5 Remarkable Benefits Of CBD Products

A survey of 5000 people reports that more than 60% of users take CBD products to relieve anxiety. While modern CBD products may seem new, cannabidiol has been used as a natural ailment remedy for centuries. From pain management to reducing anxiety and improving heart health, let us discover the remarkable benefits of CBD products.

Relieve Symptoms of Anxiety

CBD products, such as CBD tinctures, oils, edibles, etc., are popularly used by individuals with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. CBD mellows out the nervous system and relaxes the body, allowing users to become calm.

These products effectively manage anxiety symptoms and improve the quality of life. Several users with anxiety reported they feel more relaxed after using CBD.

Offer a Non-Addictive Way to Treat Pain

Another essential benefit of CBD products is that they help relieve chronic pain. CBD interacts with various pain-sensing systems of the body to alleviate pain and inflammation. However, the dosage depends on the type of pain and varies from user to user. In addition, evidence suggests that CBD works best for relieving pain when combined with THC.

Therefore, if you are struggling with pain management, consider using a product that contains a combination of CBD and THC, such as Habit Watermelon Gummies. CBD products are a safer, non-addictive, and more effective alternative to pain management.

Improve Heart Health

CBD offers several health benefits for the circulatory system and heart. Studies indicate that it is beneficial for individuals with high blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to stroke, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease.

It helps keep blood pressure in check, thus reducing the risk of fatal diseases. A study conducted on 26 men found that treatment with CBD led to significant reductions in blood pressure over seven days.

Effective Against Neurological Disorders

Studies suggest that CBD can effectively treat neurological disorders, including epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Although research in this field is relatively new and limited, the results are promising. It reduces muscle spasms in patients with multiple sclerosis.

A study recruited 176 patients with multiple sclerosis. All of these patients were resistant to medications. However, CBD reduced muscle spasms in 75% of the patients. In another study, CBD oil reduced the number of seizures in epileptic patients.

Reduce Cancer-Related Side-Effects

CBD has been effectively used to reduce symptoms and side effects related to cancer, including nausea, pain, and vomiting. In addition, a combination of CBD and THC successfully relieves pain in cancer patients who do not respond well to pain medications. However, more research is needed to find out the exact dosage, frequency, and types of CBD products most adequate for cancer patients.

CBD is a promising substance that helps treat pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and various mental health conditions. If you want to use CBD to manage a specific health condition or improve overall health and sleep quality, browse our incredible products to choose the best product for your needs. From edibles and tinctures to pre-rolls and vape cartridges, we offer a wide range of high-quality CBD and THC products at discounted rates.

CBD General Health

CBD to THC Ratios

When it comes to the euphoric high effect associated with cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the substance responsible for it. So, it does not come as a surprise that every cannabis user knows and loves this substance. Similarly, lots of cannabis users have heard a few things about CBD, which is another chemical inside cannabis.

The combination of CBD and THC makes cannabis better

If THC is combined with CBD, it will produce lots of exceptional medicinal benefits you cannot get from the weed you get from your local dealer. This combination leads to the Entourage Effect, which is a synergistic experience associated with the consumption of several cannabinoids at once. To get the desired medicinal effect, you will have to take a fewer amount of each cannabinoid.

Besides, the effects of cannabis on you will depend on the ratio of the cannabinoids available in it. For instance, you can use CBD to get rid of paranoia, anxiety, increased blood pressure, and other side effects of THC. Consequently, combining these two cannabinoids will give you an intense yet calmer high.

What should be the right cannabinoid ratios?

Generally, if a product contains both CBD and THC, it will have the ratio of these two cannabinoids written on its packaging. Assuming a product has 80mg of CBD as well as 20mg of THC, its packaging will have a ratio of 4:1 (CBD:THC). It should be noted that any of these cannabinoids may be more than the other or their quantities may be equal.

Today, there are tons of strains of flower with a significantly higher quantity of THC than CBD and other cannabinoids. For instance, you can come across a THC:CBD ratio of 300:1. While such a product can be great for recreational users looking for the high effects, its medicinal application will be substantially limited. Nevertheless, some cannabis growers are focused on producing flower strains with high CBD.

Various CBD:THC ratios

Nowadays, lots of flower strains naturally have a higher quantity of CBD than THC such as a 20:1 (CBD:THC). Such flower strains can come in handy for dealing with conditions such as inflammation, mood disorders, epilepsy, and depression. With any ratio higher than 12:1 (CBD:THC), the consumers can experience some signs of intoxication. Nonetheless, because people tolerate and react to THC differently, the intoxicating effect is not the same for everyone.

Despite its possible intoxication, the majority of cannabis users prefer THC as the most medicinal cannabinoid. However, CBD has proven to have a plethora of medicinal effects on varying syndromes and health conditions.

Nonetheless, you can get more medicinal benefits from cannabis by combining THC with CBD. But there is no straightforward method for finding the best ratio for you. You just need to experiment with it. You can also consult with our budtenders to learn about the best strains available.