5 Strains that Taste Like Berries

General 18 Jan 2022

If you are one of the marijuana consumers that love fruity tastes, you would probably enjoy weeds with berry flavor. The good news is that several strains taste like berries. So, let’s check out 5 strains that taste like berries.

  1. Blackberry

When you take strains that taste like berries, you are likely going to feel sleepy and relaxed. So, if you are looking for these stunning effects, the Blackberry strain is what you need to take. Otherwise known as Blackberry Kush, this strain contains different ingredients such as Vietnamese, Mexican, and Afghani landraces.

If you don’t take cannabis regularly, you may want to go easy on Blackberry. This is because it can cause anxiety and tingling sensations for new users.

  1. Blueberry

Blueberry is an old-school classic that you shouldn’t overlook if you want strains that taste like berry. Often labeled as DJ Short’s Blueberry, this strain doesn’t only make you feel sleepy but can also get you high. Its smell is also astonishing and inviting. If you are a novice consumer, Blueberry is a good strain to consider. But you should start small and increase the quantity of the substance as you get used to the strain.

  1. Berry White

Berry White is a derivative of the popular Blueberry strain. This astonishing Indica-dominant cross of White Widow and Blueberry. Filled with lots of trichomes, Berry White features the taste of blueberries as well as a spicy bite. After taking this strain, you are bound to feel sleepy and very high.

Nevertheless, Berry White will help you to relax, so it is recommended to be taken after a busy day at work or school. It will help you to enjoy a restful night. If taken during the day, you may never do anything throughout the day.

  1. Strawberry Cough

When it comes to consistent smell and taste, Strawberry Cough is one of the go-to berry-tasting cannabis strains. It is a simple combination of Haze and Strawberry Fields that offers an uplifting and calming sensation. Given its effects, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is what you need whenever you want to start your day in a great mood. It helps you to clear your head and makes it easier for you to be productive at work, school, etc.

  1. Runtz OG

Basically, Gelato #33 and Zkittlez are crossed to create Runtz OG. This strain tastes great and has an astonishing look that will make you want to try it. This deep purple flower contains lots of trichomes and dense nugs. Like many other berry-taste strains, Runtz is known for its ability to make you feel relaxed for an extended period. So, if you want to be stuck on your couch for most parts of the day, Runtz OG is what you need to try.

Other strains that taste like berries include Goji OG and Marionberry Kush. As shown above, most of these strains can help you to relax while a few others can put you in the perfect mood to get the most out of your day.

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